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QBank by the Numbers
Having generated more than 85,996,040 questions (0 today) across 2,341,833 exams, it’s no secret that QBank is the leading online question bank and testing system for agriculture education. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool for administering FFA-related exams and curriculum, QBank is just what you need!

Subscription & Billing
All billing is processed through JudgingCard.com. If you have any questions about your invoice, please contact info@judgingcard.com.

QBank features several ways to access agriculture and/or FFA-related curriculum:

FFA Officer Exams   Request an Officer Exam  
  Step 1: Click "Request an Officer Exam" link above to choose from one of our pre-made question banks, or choose to create your own bank of questions for the exam. QBank options include:
  • 25 Questions (25 FFA Manual)
  • 25 Questions (25 FFA Manual): Basic Knowledge
  • 50 Questions (25 FFA Manual/25 Parli Pro Guide)
  • 50 Questions (40 FFA Manual/10 Parli Pro Guide)
  • 35 Questions (25 FFA Manual/10 Parli Pro Guide): Basic Knowledge
  • 50 Questions (25 FFA Manual/25 Texas FFA Leadership Guide) (Texas Only)
  • 50 Questions (25 Parli Pro Guide/25 Texas FFA Leadership Guide) (Texas Only)
  • 50 Questions (50 FFA Student Handbook)
  • 60 Questions (30 FFA Student Handbook/30 Parli Pro Guide)
  • 70 Questions (35 FFA Manual/35 Parli Pro Guide)
  • 75 Questions (25 FFA Manual/ 25 Parli Pro Guide/ 25 Texas FFA Leadership Guide) (Texas Only)
Step 2: On the date scheduled, the exam(s) can be accessed at http://quiz.judgingcard.com. Students will click 'Sign In' on the home page and enter the unique passcode provided in the confirmation email.

Step 3: Once everyone finishes their exam, the teacher/coordinator can log in via the 'Teacher Login' on the QBank Sign In page using their JudgingCard.com chapter credentials and print results.
Online CDE/LDE Invitational Contests   Contact QBank  
  Participate in a Contest:
Register for an online invitational contest hosted by an ag program just like yours! Online invitational contests are open to all chapters and facilitate additional learning opportunities outside the local area. NO TRAVEL NECESSARY!


Host an Online Contest:
Do you have quality content for a career or leadership development event? Host an online contest to generate income for your chapter! Invitational hosts are responsible for uploading quality content into the system, and and QBank handles the rest -- registration, money collection, question management, creating the exams, emailing testing instructions to those who registered, the quality testing environment, scoring results, posting results into JudgingCard and emailing chapters results/contest resources and keys.

Online exam questions are randomized per students but are also kept in same groupings (i.e. the exam questions will always be first, then ID questions, and finally practicums). For IDs and practicums, event hosts can enter pictures as well as videos.

NEW in Spring 2020 -- QBank features online events that match the on-site contests in regard to placing classes, keep/cull, and reviewing each students' responses individually. Also, set point values per question.

Contact QBank to setup your event.
Annual Subscription Packages   View Available Subscriptions  
  QBank offers several online question banks available to FFA chapters for annual subscription. Once subscribed, students have unlimited access to take practice exams.   
Opportunities to Collaborate   Contact QBank  
  Are you an industry expert with quality curriculum to share with a nationwide agricultural education audience? Contact us to learn how you can utilize the QBank system to earn income and share your passion.
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